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2018 Anders Wall Award Environment for The Cliffs Interpretation Centre (14/07/2017)



La Pinta Ltd, the Company that planned, built and manages The Cliffs Interpretation Centre, at Dingli,won a prestigious Diploma of Recognition for the 2018 Anders Wall Award, in the Environment Category.

The prestigious Anders Wall Award Environment is dedicated to recognise individuals or organisations for their special contribution to the rural environment within the EU, with achievements related to preserving the landscape and cultural heritage, providing biodiversity and contributing to sustainable local development. Initiatives considered for this award must have significant positive environmental impacts at a local, national and European level. The Award is organised by the Anders Wall Foundation in association with the European Commission, Directorate General for the Environment, the Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry and the Friends of the Countryside.

This year’s Anders Wall Award ceremony was organised at Constance Lake, Germany. La Pinta’s project at Dingli, The Cliffs, was amongst numerous initiatives from all Europe nominated for this award. During the ceremony, La Pinta Ltd was invited to address the guests and fellow nominees, to explain the innovative concept adopted through its sustainable investment at Dingli.

Anders Wall AwardLiving at Dingli, having a sense of belonging to the rural environment and being linked to all stakeholders in the area, La Pinta Ltd saw the need to blend the environment, tourism, culture and local aspects in one comprehensive experience. At The Cliffs, visitors can make use of several public facilities, including information resources, walking guides, all-year round free eco-walks, meeting and exhibition spaces, and catering facilities.
The self-sufficient project helps in the vitality and viability of the rural area by using the revenues from the catering facilities to provide visitors with the necessary free information, expertise and support resources to explore the Dingli Cliffs area. The Cliffs is also actively engaged in the scientific study of the area, which is designated as one of Europe’s Natura 2000 areas of ecological importance, as specified in the EU’s Habitats and Birds Directive. La Pinta Ltd. employs a qualified environmental specialist to assist visitors and to contribute to the ongoing scientific study of the area, in collaboration with the national environmental and heritage authorities.

Mario Muscat, La Pinta Ltd.’s director states that the innovative approach of the centre is both self-sufficient and sustainable, and amongst others it offers all environmental-education activities for free, education and public convenience running of the site, together with all interpretation centre related aspects resulting in costs endured by La Pinta Ltd. of around €80,000 annually with no requests for Public funding.

La Pinta Ltd. would like to thank the Dingli Local Council, for entrusting it with this important project and for its ongoing collaboration to ensure that the important heritage of the Dingli Cliffs area continues to be enjoyed and appreciated by thousands of residents in Malta, and foreign visitors, every year.

For more information, or to plan your next visit to the Dingli Cliffs and nearby attractions, visit or contact The Cliffs on [email protected]