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Almond blossoms and the winter countryside – 27/01/2018


The spectacular Almonds are now just blooming – a symbol of promise for the new year. Along The Cliffs Trail, whilst in our free weekly walks organised by The Cliffs Interpretation Centre, we encounter several blooming Almond Trees (Prunus dulcis, Lewża), one of the oldest naturalised trees and domesticated since the Bronze Age. The Mediterranean climate is optimal for the almond, with Maltese gastronomy often including the almond nut, rich in Vitamins, calcium and iron.



Whilst meandering through country paths and along the garrigue plateaux of Dingli Cliffs, we encounter a plethora of flowering plants, seeing the contrast between the green colour of the countryside and the shimmering blue of the sea. An authentic way of discovering the surroundings of Dingli Cliffs through an invigorating walk, featuring nature and views, but also, history, archaeology and local produce!


The Cliffs Interpretation Centre’s gastronomy features several local produce and wild edible flowers, always according to the season. More on our concept at