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Cherishing the panoramic cliffs and biodiversity – 23/11/2017



Dingli Cliffs are undoubtedly renowned for their spectacular plunging sea cliffs, showcasing the rock layer sequence of the Maltese Islands, shaped by the different resistances of the rock layers.


The plateaux consist of karstic limestone characterised by garrigue vegetation in rocky ground, the most typical natural vegetation in the Maltese Islands. Rupestral assemblages grow on cliff faces, whilst at the foot of inland cliffs, small trees and large shrubs may be encountered. The landscape of the Maltese Islands is often deemed impoverished, however the Maltese Islands harbour a diverse range of habitats and species. Natural wild plants are adapted to the Maltese climate, often surviving the harsh summers, as a form of adaptation to the climate. The seasonality of the climate affects the resultant seasonality of the terrain, with sparse vegetation during the dry summer and contrasting lush green during the wet period.


img_8298Whilst the peak blooming time for the flora in the Maltese Islands is in the springtime, now is a good time to be enjoying the countryside….with several wild flora including the Yellow-throated crocus, Mediterranean Heather and Autumn Buttercup.


Dingli Cliffs offer some of the most stunning views…from the panoramic cliffs plunging into the sea to the lush green of grasses and wild plants. The Cliffs Interpretation Centre, found just 100m away from the Dingli Radar, offers the first free eco-tours in the Maltese Islands, making the utmost of the surroundings for an invigorating walk, passing through notable historical, archaeological, cultural and environmental sites and features. We organise the eco-walks every Wednesdays and Fridays, starting with an audio-visual at The Centre, and followed by the hands-on walk. The Centre combines gastronomy and local food products with information dissemination, so you may join us for local food upon return from the walk!