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Dingli Cliffs – Nature and Culture Combined – 03/03/2018


Free eco-walk to students attending the John Felice Rome Centre of the Loyola University Chicago in an activity consisting of lunch and the walk on Saturday 17th February

Dingli Cliffs offer one of the best panoramic spots in the Maltese Islands throughout the entire day and the whole year…offering stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea and the Cliffs themselves. The views from Dingli Cliffs differ according to the weather, from dramatic waves to calm seas.


Dingli Cliffs is an ideal place for everyone. Nature enthusiasts can encounter several of the 1100 different flowering plants, more so during springtime. Visitors interested in history and culture may encounter several places of interest, from the Radar building with its underground structures that were used in World War II to St. Mary Magdalene Chapel on the edge of the cliffs dating back to the 1600s, and more.  Walkers and trekkers may enjoy the various scenic walking routes, strolling amongst rugged garrigue countryside landscape and agricultural areas. Forage enthusiasts can also find different wild and semi-wild edible produce according to the season.


Inside caveAll this may be enjoyed during a walk along Dingli Cliffs. One of the trails is that set up by The Cliffs Interpretation Centre, and is the centre of the free eco-walks organised by The Centre throughout the whole year.