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Educating the Local Community and the Agriculture Strategy – 06/04/2018

The Cliffs Interpretation Centre favours harmony with national policies and strategies. The recent Agricultural Policy for the Maltese Islands, identifies the need to “familiarise the general public with the indigenous species that constitute a vital component of the Maltese natural heritage and enhance the public understanding of the qualities and attributes of the ecological biodiversity” (MSDEC, 2018, p. 60).


Amongst the visitors that visit The Cliffs Interpretation Centre for its recreational and informative activities, are members of the local community. Earlier today, over 17 members of the Local Craft Club of the village of Dingli visited The Centre for the free audiovisual and free accompanied walk. The main topics of interest and dialogue were local edible produce, traditional practices of the rural community, agricultural use of the land and more. This was complemented with The Centre’s motto “A new concept…local produce”, since after the walk, local food was served to the participants of the walk.


In its daily endeavours to improve the educational knowledge of all type of visitors which visit the Centre, it will continue to agree with the agricultural policy wording i.e. to “Work with the rural community to encourage sound land management practices which are essential for soil conservation and which help minimise the impacts of climate change on agricultural soils, as well, encourage long-term management strategies that increase soil organic matter.” (MDSEC, 2018, p. 191). Through its accomplishments for the past seven years, The Centre deems that through education and not enforcement, the public will learn to appreciate the natural environment and the importance of conservation.