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Educational activities by The Cliffs Interpretation Centre – 16/02/2020




 The Maltese Islands are currently experiencing a very dry winter, with mild temperatures and fine weather. These sunny days are prefect for being out in the fresh air, enjoying the countryside and panoramic views of Dingli Cliffs.


The Cliffs Interpretation Centre, has innovatively merged gastronomy and local produce with educational awareness, and has been offering educational activities for all types of visitors since its opening 9 years ago. This has highlighted self-sufficiency, with the company that has planned and manages The Centre following sustainability’s three pillars – social, environment, economic – in its daily operations. The gastronomical experience offered at The Centre complements the walking trail and the educational activities offered to provide an authentic visitor experience by locals.


The target participants for these educational activities is very wide. Apart from the weekly activities for tourists and locals, which consists of the FREE Audiovisual and FREE Accompanied walk,  several events have been organised. These are aimed at groups, elderly, secondary school students, children, language students, association members, environmental organisations, team-building and more. Activities are also customised according to the target audience’s needs. The range of events organised can be viewed from our website at


All activities are organised all year-round, and all are offered for FREE. Participants are able to enjoy the green countryside in a recreational manner, whilst learning about the area’s geology, ecology, local produce, history, archaeology and more.


Contact us on [email protected] or 7962380 to book one of our FREE eco-walks.