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Lecture to Under 11 football clubs’ members

For the third consecutive spring, The Cliffs Interpretation Centre assisted the local football club of Dingli Swallows FC in the organisation of the  Under 11 Event Tournaments. This spring’ events, include Fun, Football, Culture and Education themes. Today circa 160 children aged under 11 years, from several different local football teams within the Maltese Islands, participated in The Cliffs Interpretation Centre seminar. It consisted of presentations and lectures on the important landmarks that are found along Dingli Cliffs within The Cliffs Trail map.

The Cliffs Interpretation Centre also organises school outings for students to learn about Dingli Cliffs in an out-of-classroom experience. If teachers or other educational officers would like to organise such events at The Cliffs Interpretation Centre, feel free to contact us on 79642380 or [email protected]