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Innovation and the Agricultural policy – a private sector’s initiative -19/04/2018

20171030_110416“The private sector may be better suited to carry out certain initiatives such as research, development and innovation aimed at improving productivity” (MESDC, 2018, pg. 94). The above is expressed in the National Agricultural Policy 2018-2028 consultation document. This signifies the role of the private sector to drive innovation.

SAM_0137Located along the stretch of Dingli Cliffs, The Cliffs Interpretation Centre developed its own notion of “A new concept…local produce”. It has innovated thinking outside the box to amalgamate gastronomy with local food and products. Local produce include wild and semi-wild edible fruits and other products. The habit of using edible produce is disappearing, hence it is crucial to record, preserve and infuse certain forms of knowledge. One example by which productivity has been enhanced with innovation has been through the making of local produce, such as fruit jams amalgamated with wild edible plants. Several educational television programmes have been aired on the particular uses of wild produce for cooking – with quince jamcarob syrup, local cheeseletswild asparagus, and more.

Another innovative approach of the Centre has been the provision of innovative recreational activities with a focus on the off-peak months of visitor arrivals. The Centre has been a pioneer in the area, by providing the only services in the entire stretch of Dingli Cliffs – including provision of food and drinks, public toilets, shelter, local products and free educational activities.

In fact, the gastronomical experience offered at The Cliffs complements the walking trails and The Centre’s aim to provide an authentic visitor experience. The Cliffs Centre strives to maintain its initiatives – it is the only private entity in the whole stretch of SAC operating all year round and initialising initiatives of information dissemination to all its visitors.