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Innovation to facilitate sustainable development – 18/10/2017

Inside The Cliffs Interpretation Centre Original

The investment in infrastructure and innovation are important for economic growth, however social and environmental aspects have to be considered in the global goal to achieve sustainable development. SDG9 of the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda is to “build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation”.


The Cliffs Interpretation Centre has effectively innovated “A new concept…local Produce”, that of combining the provision of local food products, together with direct information dissemination measures to promote the area’s environment and biodiversity, history, and local aspects. The Centre pioneered such information dissemination by providing the only services in the entire stretch of Dingli Cliffs, found in the middle of the designated Natura 2000 site, part of Rdumijiet ta’ Malta. Living in the village of Dingli and being one of the landusers of the cliffs, The Centre managed to blend the environment, tourism and local aspects together whilst offering a service for arriving visitors.


The gastronomical experience offered at The Cliffs complements the walking trails and The Centre’s aim to provide an authentic visitor experience. This is because the gastronomical aspect of The Centre is based on the sustainable use of local wild and semi-wild produce for cooking.


The educational displays at The Centre and the provision of walking tours are another form of innovation to promote the area and its conservation. All visitors, ranging from stakeholders, locals, students and tourists are encouraged to attend one of our eco-walks, offering a hands-on experience of all factors shaping Dingli Cliffs. This is also beneficial to the Maltese Islands’ tourism product, dedicated to the shoulder months and hence sustainable.


cavewalkThe Cliffs Interpretation has strived and will continue to drive the way forward to make visitors aware that although relatively small when compared to other designated and protected areas in Europe, the area has much to offer. The Centre is the first to offer free rural eco-walks in the Maltese Islands, all year round. The hands-on tours include audiovisual, presentation and accompanied healthy walk in the surrounding areas…More info here!