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Local produce and traditional practices at The Cliffs Interpretation Centre – 30/10/2017


Local culinary traditions that have passed through generations have characterised Maltese Cuisine. The gastronomical experience offered at The Cliffs Interpretation Centre complements the walking trail routes and The Centre’s aim to provide an authentic visitor experience, focusing on the use of local produce, with a highlight on wild and semi-wild produce. The Centre has effectively innovated “A new concept…local produce”, by combining the provision of local food products with direct information dissemination measures to promote all that Dingli Cliffs have to offer in terms of the natural environment, history and gastronomy.


Cheeselet production is a local tradition in the Maltese Islands, evocative of past traditional practices associated with the cottage industry practices involved in the rearing of sheep. The Maltese cheeselet was once part of the typical Maltese dish, with the production of cheeselets dating back to several centuries, indicating the importance to highlight such traditional product. The Cliffs Interpretation Centre buys the cheeselet from the last local shepherd who roams Dingli Cliffs with his livestock. Another historical traditional practice which is used by The Centre is the Qanniċ, a ventilated box to air dry produce. Fresh cheeselets are placed in the qanniċ for a couple of days and turned daily until dried and ready for a covering of crushed black pepper. 20171030_105412


Other local food that are utilised to highlight the area include several wild and semi-wild fruit and products. The food offered complements The Cliffs Interpretation Centre’s aim to provide diverse innovative and informative communication to effectively reach visitors.