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Local produce in season at Dingli Cliffs – 19/02/2018


The Cliffs Interpretation Centre, located in the middle of the Special Area of Conservation within the Natura 2000 network of protected sites is dedicated to the dissemination of innovative information about the area’s biologic diversity, history, archaeology, gastronomy and also local produce.


IMG-20180210-WA0004 (1)The Maltese Islands are home to about 1100 species of wild plants, many of which are indigenous. The Concept of The Centre, “A new concept…local produce” attests to the initiative to amalgamate gastronomy with innovative information dissemination to educate all types of visitors on local produce and past traditional aspects. Amongst the local produce that are seasonally available during this time of the year are the Mediterranean Asparagus, Borage and Mallow, all of which have edible properties.

Tender shoots growing out of the common shrub of the Mediterranean Asparagus (Spraġġ Xewwieki, Asparagus aphyllus) are usually typical of springtime, however this year we have encountered the asparagus shoots as early as beginning of February. The flowers of the abundant Borage (Fidloqqom, Borago officinalis) and those of the Common Mallow (Ħobbejża, Malva sylvestris) are edible and may be used for garnish.  Both the Borage and the Mallow were traditionally used in the Maltese Islands due to their medicinal properties.


IMG_20180214_124200545 (1)By thinking outside the box since its inception, The Cliffs Interpretation Centre has managed to amalgamate informal education with gastronomy. More direct education means to promote Dingli Cliffs and the surroundings’ and to instil environmental consciousness include the authentic and innovative free eco-walks, organised weekly all year round. These activities offer a hands-on and informative experience of Dingli Cliffs by professional local personnel. Click here to learn more about our free eco-walks and to join us!