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Look who came to visit The Cliffs – The Mediterranean Chameleon – 02/08/2017


The Mediterranean Chameleon was introduced in the Maltese Islands in the 19th century in a private residence in St. Julians, but it then spread all over.

The Chameleon can grow up to 30cm and it can change its colours. The change in colour is not to camouflage itself but it changes its colour as a response to light and temperature and to express its emotions…the chameleon’s own body language! When in danger, it puffs up its body to appear fiercer!! As can be seen in the below photo, the chameleon feeds on insects, and it has a full 360 degree arc of vision, meaning that its eyes can be rotated separately from each other.


The photos show the two common habitats for chameleons in Malta (photos taken by staff of The Cliffs Interpretation Centre), living in trees such as the nearby Buskett Gardens, but also common in garrigue habitats, which is the most common type of habitat along the Natura 2000 stretch of Dingli Cliffs!

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