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Nature’s bounty harvest : Wild Asparagus -13/03/2019


Spring time – the balance between winter and summer weather – is distinctive by the bountiful presence of wild plants. Dingli Cliffs currently thrive with the surrounding garrigue and carpets full of wild plants, amongst which is the Wild Asparagus (Spraġġ Xewwieki, Asparagus aphyllus).


During the year, this branched woody shrub is a clear indication of its adaptation to our hot dry summers. Instead of leaves, this shrub is characterised by spiny shoots. However, the new sprouts of the Asparagus – juicy, soft tips – appear during early springtime. The young green sprouts are edible and can be foraged for culinary purposes. Did you know that the oldest surviving recipe books, prepared over 2000 years ago, includes a recipe for cooking asparagus?


The asparagus is quite nutritious with a good source of Vitamin C and Potassium. In fact, in the 4th Century in Greece, Hippocrates was recommending asparagus for is diuretic and health aid qualities.


In fact, through its motto “A new concept…local produce”, The Cliffs Interpretation Centre has innovated the use of nature’s bounty in the harvest of wild edible plants. It has managed to combine local produce with environmental and social consciousness, including traditional foraging for plants. The kitchen of The Cliffs prepares seasonal specialities features this local plant. Furthermore, during the free eco-walks organised by The Cliffs Interpretation Centre several wild edible plants may be encountered, according to the season.