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Orchid Heaven at Dingli Cliffs – 28/03/2018









Earlier today, The Cliffs Interpretation Centre collaborated with Greenhouse Malta, a local NGO in organising a Free Orchid walk, focused on spotting orchids.


The activity consisted of the Audiovisual at The Cliffs Centre’s lecture room followed by the accompanied walk with personnel from The Cliffs Interpretation Centre and Greenhouse Malta. Several orchids were spotted and recorded, including even the Maltese Spider Orchid (Ophrys melitensis, Brimba sewda), one of the two endemic species. This scarce species flowers between March and May, first forming a rosette of leaves, with the flowering stalk growing from the centre of the rosette. The flower pattern of the lip is hairy with a bright blue pattern.


Other species that were today recorded include the Serapias parviflora(Small-flowered Tongue Orchid, Orkida ta’ l-Ilsien iz-Zghira) and the Anacamptis corophora subs. Fragrans (Fragrant Orchid, Orkida tfuh) all of which are indigenous Mediterranean species. The fragrant orchid is quite interesting since the flowers are fragrant. All such orchids are often found in garrigue habitats, characterised by shrubs and grasses in pockets of soil within rocky terrain.



For other interesting encounters with wild flowers, join us in one of our FREE eco-walks organised every week by The Cliffs Interpretation Centre. More info on our website