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Publicising the importance of environmental and agricultural consciousness – 25/04/2018

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The recent National Agricultural Policy for the Maltese Islands identifies several strategic policy objectives, one of which is dedicated to food presentation, labelling and traceability. Amongst the policy issues under this strategic objective is dedicated to key marketing perspectives, whereby “When the private sector or local councils embark on promotional activities, authorities should assist in order to promote healthy eating, zero kilometre concept, climate change adaptation and mitigation as well as other relevant matters that would in turn lead to reduce expenses in health services, help sustain local producers, improve the sustainability of the rural environment, and expand the national economy” (MSDEC, 2018, p. 212).


The Centre indirectly promotes healthy eating and well-being through its gastronomical practices. The Mediterranean diet, which is a healthy eating plan based on typical foods of Mediterranean-style cooking, incorporates essential foods of healthy eating. Vegetables prepared at The Centre are often brought from local vegetable producers, and local herbs and spices are used to flavour food. Sustaining local producers provides benefits to the local economy, such as through serving cheeselets from the last local shepherd roaming Dingli Cliffs.


The diet promoted at The Cliffs Interpretation Centre is based on a number of skills and traditions based on preparing food and local produce. Through local produce, The Centre aims to continue promoting conservation and enhancement of the traditional knowledge systems of the local community. It has only been through its motto “A new concept…local produce” that The Centre has managed to keep the links between gastronomy and agriculture, whilst at the same time promoting the importance of the environment.


Furthermore, the free eco-walks, which are organised by The Centre continue to strengthen such links. Through walking in the surrounding areas of Dingli Cliffs, visitors learn to appreciate all that area has to offer and its interdependent factors, whilst at the same time, they would be engaging in a recreational activity.


All the above facilities and landuses are channelled to increase the eco-agriculture consciousness.