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Re-awakening nature during Autumn (27/10/2018)



The Mediterranean climate can be summarised as characterised by mild rainy winters and hot dry summers. Autumn corresponds to the beginning of the rainy season, where the first autumn rains bring life back to the surrounding perched countryside – a much-welcome sign of moisture in the air and soil.


Autumn time is the time to see several annual plants which complete their life cycle before the summer. Seeds are set in the dry season, which survive until the next rainy seasons triggers their germination. Several of the typical autumn flowering plants which are found in bloom now include the Autumn Buttercup (Ċfolloq), Mediterranean Meadow Saffron (Busieq), Southern Daisy (Margerita Salvaġġa) and the Late Narcissus (Narċis Imwaħħar).


Several fauna may also be encountered such as several butterfly species ranging from the common Cabbage White to others (Wall Brown, Painted Lady, Maltese swallowtail), caterpillars and even migratory birds.


Autumn’s ideal weather for outdoor activities is encouraged at The Cliffs Interpretation Centre through its FREE accompanied eco-walks. The walks offer an innovative means of recreation, whilst also learning something new about the surrounding environment and biodiversity.