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Spring-time flowers of Dingli Cliffs – 15/04/2019




The presence of spring is clear in the surrounding landscape – the fine balance between winter and summer is distinctive by the colourful carpets of wild plants, typical of spring and including several plants.


146The Crown Daisy (Lellux, Glebionis coronaria) is very common throughout the Maltese Islands. In fact, this plant is found all over the Mediterranean region. The young shoots and stems of this plant used to be eaten raw or cooked in the past.


Spring time is also the time for the blooming of the Borage (Fidloqqom, Borago officinalis). This pretty blue star-shaped flower is quite beneficial as a herb with particular medicinal properties for rheumatism, and traditional usage in the past related to cough-remedies.



Another miniscule but very common flowering plant is that of the Blue-Scarlet Pimpernel (Ħarira Ħamra, Anagallis arvensis). This indigenous plant, which was present in the Maltese Islands before the first arrival of man, is low-growing, with flowers opening only when the sun shines.


Springtime is also distinctly marked by the presence of the fine orchids, such as the Small-flowered tongue Orchid (Orkida tal-Ilsien iż-Żgħira, Serapias parviflora). This frequent orchid, only growing to around 10cm high, often flowers between March – April, and is native to the Mediterranean Basin.


IMG_20190413_134210819_HDRDingli Cliffs offers some of the most panoramic views – both of the plunging cliffs and the typical aromatic shrubs of the garrigue. At The Cliffs Interpretation Centre, free eco-walks are organised throughout the year. This time is one of the best to appreciate the surrounding landscape. One of the latest eco-tour was organised for a Maltese martial arts group consisting of instructors, trainees and parents. For more information visit our website at or call us on 79642380.