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Strengthening educational awareness of Dingli Cliffs (26/05/2018)





The meaning of an Interpretation Centre is the provision of innovative means of information. The Cliffs Interpretation Centre agrees to such meaning, especially through its motto “A new concept…local produce”. The potential of education to raise awareness is magnified through the combination of direct information dissemination and even indirectly by the provided prepared food with a focus on local wild edible plants.


WalkOne direct means to raise awareness is through organising free school visits for secondary students to appreciate Dingli Cliffs and the surroundings. The school outings offer a way by which students learn through hands-on experience on the different wild plants, their adaptations to the Maltese Climate and the historic importance of nearby sites. The rural community and its traditional practices are promoted. The Centre also targets informal education through its weekly eco-walks. The walks combine both information and recreation, with benefits towards creating eco-friendly and sustainable tourism.


The educational facilities offered at The Centre are complemented with information panels about the surroundings, together with several free magazines and materials that are disseminated on site.


For more information on the free eco-walks, contact us on [email protected] or phone on 79642380.