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The Mediterranean Thyme’s purple blooms


The brownish colour of the garrigue landscape around Dingli Cliffs is currently indicating the approaching summer with several of the spring flowering-plants found dried up. However, walking on Dingli Cliffs during this time of the year, one cannot miss one of the highlights of Malta’s indigenous flora in its full bloom – the Mediterranean Thyme.

Perhaps, prior to spotting the purple flowers on this plant, you may even first recognise the aromatic fragrance exclusive to the thyme. Whilst this plant species is protected by law since 1932, it is important for bees and other insects, providing them with a vital source for collecting nectar.

Throughout the year, in Malta, we may see about 1100 species of wild plants, many of which are found in the garrigue habitat such as that of Dingli Cliffs. To learn more about Malta’s wild plants, join us in one of our free summer sunset walks!!